APPLIANCE | 27 Oct - 25 Nov

Thursday, 27 October 2016 @ all hours | Marcus Clarke Street Glass Display | 23 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra


A device designed for a specific function or task; An act of applying …

APPLIANCE examines the conceptual relationship to function in contemporary craft.

Ruby Berry’s weaving and Isabelle Mackay-Sim’s use of hand-building and high-firing are techniques developed for practical applications. Berry and Mackay-Sim apply functional techniques to create non-functional objects that provoke a desire for interaction. Both rely heavily on the close relationship to the body in craft production; Berry in measuring, weaving and producing objects that obviously fit in the palm of the hand and Mackay-Sim in hand-building, leaving fingerprints on her sculptural creatures and referencing human anatomy.

By obscuring a specific design intention, Berry and Mackay-Sim emphasize the conceptual as well as technical in their practices. Mackay-Sim’s objects juxtapose ceramic hardness with the portrayal of glistening soft bodies, while Berry paradoxically maintains the relationship to the hand in a hanging produced by computer loom. Subverting the practical potential of their techniques, the makers mount a feminist challenge to traditional relationships of use in craft.

Curated by Lucy Caldwell and Rosie Goldfeder.

FREE exhibition

Window viewing available all hours, daily


APPLIANCE | 27 Oct - 25 Nov