Keynote Talk: David Trubridge | Beauty Matters | 24 nov

Thursday, 24 November 2016 @ 6:30pm - 8pm | Ainslie Arts Centre Main Hall| Elouera St, Braddon

Why does beauty matter more in our day than it has ever done before, and how does it relate to
sustainability? Is it enough to have environmentally efficient buildings if they are not beautiful as well? Can design be good design if it is not sustainable?
David looks at why beauty and art have been so important to the human race since we first ventured out of Africa. He offers some personal insights into how beauty and art may have first appeared in palaeolithic culture and shows how vitally important it has been to all cultures ever since. Without beauty there is nocare, and if we don’t care enough about our environment then our environment will not care for us . He also goes inside our brains to understand why contemporary
culture cares so little, and shows how this may be remedied. All these considerations are part of his design philosophy which is clearly presented in this lecture. David will show how he has applied this philosophy in his manufacturing process to reduce his environmental impact.

Cost: $15 ; $10 for Craft ACT members. Ticket price includes first drink (beer, wine, soft drink) on arrival.
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About this venue:

Commended for Heritage at the Australian Institute of Architect’s 2016 ACT Architecture Awards, the Ainslie Arts Centre was once the former Ainslie Primary School (built in 1926). Following a project by Philip Leeson Architects, the building today is open, bright and welcoming. A flexible and engaging centre for the arts that does not feel constrained by its heritage. A cultural asset that breathes life and light once again.

Keynote Talk: David Trubridge | Beauty Matters | 24 nov