Manifesto Now Redux | 7 nov - 17 nov

Tuesday, 8 November 2016 @ 6.30pm | Sydney Building | 46 Northbourne Avenue

MANIFESTO Now Redux is an exhibition of manifestos and drawings by Master of Architecture students at the University of Canberra has been produced as part of the result of focused research concerning design strategy pursued in the work of neo-avant-garde architects.

These studies were for a research seminar unit convened by Professor Gevork Hartoonian that explored the role manifesto played in the advancement of design and architecture during the early stages of the project of modernity, with particular attention given to the praxis of the historical avant-garde focusing on the utopian and political content of manifestos.

The exhibition is co-located with Nathan Pauletto’s Communicating the Incommunicable.

OPENING NIGHT: November 8, 6:30pm

CLOSING NIGHT: November 17, 6:30pm

For the opening hours: http://designcanberrafestival.com.au/events/communicating-incommunicable-nathan-pauletto-7-nov-17-nov/


Manifesto Now Redux | 7 nov - 17 nov