Saturday, 18 March 2017 @ DC17 | by 10 May 2017

Due to popular demand – APPLICATIONS EXTENDED UNTIL 10 MAY 2017

Open Studios have been a feature of DESIGN Canberra since the 2014 festival. An Open Studio is a unique opportunity for the general public to engage directly with artists and designers, to learn about, and hopefully to purchase, their work. Collectively, the program also makes an invaluable contribution to DESIGN Canberra’s efforts to create a culture that values craft artists and designers and the work they produce. As we work hard to attract new and more diverse audiences for design, Open Studios are a revealing part of the festival’s offering and one of the main ways we aim to give benefit back to Craft ACT members.

Each year DESIGN Canberra gains more experience in what makes an Open Studio successful for both makers and attendees. In 2016 we sought, as much as possible, to group studios together by location so that audiences could easily visit a number of studios in one outing. We also standardised opening times to be each Saturday from 10am – 4pm to avoid confusion. These changes benefited the program, which received over 1,200 attendees over four days.

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Image: Harriet Schwarzrock and  Matt Curtis’ studio