Creative Careers Event | 2 Nov

Wednesday, 2 November 2016 @ 6pm - 7:30pm | Radford College | 1 College St., Bruce

Interested in a sustainable and successful creative career? Join several leading Canberra creatives when they share tips and tricks for pursuing satisfying careers in design. For everyone of all ages, adults and students.

This is an opportunity for all Canberrans to become inspired for a career in the design arts, as special invited guests provide a glimpse into their journey towards success in creative industries.

Radford College will host the event, and speakers will include Calvin Luk, a young, Australian car designer for BMW based in Germany, who achieved a dream to design for BMW, and Francis Sollano, social entrepreneur and trashion artist in the Philippines.

Learn top tips and tricks from:

Natalie Coyles, Architect, Cox Architecture
Kelli Donovan, Fashion Designer, Pure Pod
Mel George, Design curator, Craft Act
Lynne Goodyer, Graphic designer, Headdesigner Studio
Chelsea Lemon, Designer
Caolan Mitchell, Exhibition designer, Thylacine
Tom Skeehan, Furniture designer
Amelia Souter, Senior Landscape Architect, OCULUS

FREE – please register your attendance at creativecareers@radford.act.edu.au

Cox Humphries Moss designed the award-winning Radford College senior school building which includes a sculptural work by Robert Foster.  The large open spherical work, Blue Mantle 2013, is informed by the earth’s mantle/continents suspended in the interior space and can be looked through to the outside to highlight the ‘real’ world that surrounds us and reminds us of the fragile and miraculous nature of our world and lives.

Creative Careers Event | 2 Nov