UC First Play, Creativity and Culture Symposium | 10 nov

Thursday, 10 November 2016 @ 9:30am - 5:30pm | University of Canberra | University Drive, Bruce

Play holds a vital place in adult cultural practice.

Play engages and incites. It builds community. It alters perspective. It creates, educates, distracts, disrupts and transforms. It is a resource that can help us confront and address the complexities of 21st century life.

In this symposium we explore the concepts, practices and potential of play within cities. We consider what play means in the current context. We ask what role play can have in city environments: for individual and community wellbeing; for creativity, collaboration and innovation; and for engagement and pleasure.

We also explore Canberra as a site of play, and consider possibilities for the future. Canberra’s reputation as a *yawn* place to live and visit is seriously changing, and play has and can continue to contribute to this change.

Our vision is to make Canberra a truly ‘playful’ city – one that incites people (and other creatures!) to engage in play in myriad and diverse ways.

The key symposium themes are:

SESSION 1: Urban Play, Creativity and Wellbeing
WORKSHOP: Canberra – A Playful City?
SESSION 2: Play, Urban Design and Wellbeing

FREE; explore and register at www.playsymposium.eventbrite.com.au

UC First Play, Creativity and Culture Symposium | 10 nov