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Calling designers, writers, bloggers, publishers, researchers, collectors and design lovers. Object Subject will explore the way design speaks to us, and the way we speak about design.

It begins with a premise that writing is essential to the future of design – promoting understanding, providing reflections, interpreting the past and imagining the future – but extends to a broader consideration of design practice as cultural and artistic language. Object Subject is a new platform to explore and respond to emerging changes, current issues and promised opportunities within the sector, to develop new audiences and bridge scholarly and popular writing in a digital age.



We welcome proposals for presentations in a range of accessible and more formal formats. The below are suggestions only, if you have other ideas we would love to hear from you.


Panel discussion

This involves each speaker introducing themselves and their views on a topic for 3 minutes followed by 25 minutes of discussion amongst the panel.

Proposed panel discussion topics:



This is a 12 minute speaker presentation followed by 3 minutes of questions and answers.

We recommend against reading entire papers, and suggest you use visual supports such as Powerpoint. Multiple-authored presentations are welcome.


Visual presentation/show and tell

Participants are given the opportunity to demonstrate their most recent work, and interact with the conference attendees in an informal way, such as a demonstration or any adapted format of their own choice. Maximum duration of presentations is 5-6 minutes.


For any further information, contact us at designcanberra@craftact.org.au