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Alice Rawsthorn

Design Rewritten

Object Subject Keynote lecture (40-45 minutes)

Design has adopted many different meanings at different times, and is still prone to muddles, misunderstandings and clichés. Alice Rawsthorn considers the part that writing has played in this process, and how it could help to foster a more enlightened and nuanced understanding of design in the future.

Dana Tomic Hughes

Design Meets Digital Media: A New Way of Storytelling.

Object Subject Keynote lecture (40-45 minutes)

Design has been democratised by the digital media revolution, this has presented its own set of challenges for designers, writers, makers and the media. We live in a visually cluttered and noisy world where we are constantly bombarded with items that demand our immediate attention. There is an overwhelming amount of information pumped through the internet every single second – it is no wonder that we find ourselves unfocused and distracted.

With an increasingly lower attention span, capturing and sustaining the attention of an audience can be tricky. In her keynote, Dana will explore best practice in the digital space and share her experiences around the areas of; delivering value; creating engagement; cultivating trust; and building an ongoing relationship with a design audience that’s becoming more fickle in a digital space that’s constantly changing.

The full DESIGN Canberra festival program will be available shortly at designcanberrafestival.com.au



Bloggers Breakfast with Dana Tomic Hughes
Cost: $40 (Includes breakfast)
Time: 8.30am – 10:00am
Date: Saturday 11 November
Location: Vibe Hotel Canberra

Design as an Attitude: Alice Rawsthorn public lecture
Cost: $20*
Time: 2pm
Date: Saturday 11 November
Location: National Gallery of Australia

*registered conference delegates save 50% on the full price of Design as an Attitude: Alice Rawsthorn public lecture. To claim this discount, please use the code provided to you upon registration.

For any further information, contact us at designcanberra@craftact.org.au