City of Design Day Ten – Erica Seccombe

Saturday, 5 November 2023



Erica Seccombe is a multi-disciplinary visual artist, whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Seccombe’s practice-based research project, GROW: experiencing Nature in the Fifth Dimension, investigates the science of 4D micro-computed X-ray tomography. Allowing researchers to reconstruct a complete 3D model, the technology includes time and motion, creating a dynamic volumetric data set from small objects at a greatly expanded resolution.

Using this state of the art technology, Seccombe captures the internal transformation of seeds as they germinate, resulting in ground-breaking work that may enable scientists to gain a better understanding of the germination process, and why some seeds fail to grow. The project is part of Seccombe’s PhD research in Photography and Media Arts at the Australian National University School of Art, and is also facilitated by the ANU Department of Applied Mathematics.

Watch Seccombe’s works on vimeo.

Image: ‘Grow’ 2013, (detail), single channel projection, formatted for stereoscopic viewing with circular polarized glasses, silver screen, duration: 6:00min, 3D Microcomputed tomography rendered and animated in Drishti. Via

City of Design Day Ten - Erica Seccombe