My conversation with ThinkPlace

Saturday, 22 November 2023

My conversation with ThinkPlace

The DESIGN Canberra team went along to the 6pm conversation last night, facilitated by ThinkPlace, where we discussed ways to build Canberra’s innovation ecosystem.


Based in the ThinkPlace shopfront in the pop-up festival hub at the Centrepoint Building, this session brought together Canberrans from all walks of life: artists, students, public servants, private sector, and more! Together we discussed the future for Canberra: How could be challenge the perceptions people have of this city (both locally and nationally)? How could we fuel innovation and creativity? How could we could we connect people with experimental ideas and people with the money to make them possible?


Want to find out more? The ThinkPlace forum will be held at the National Museum of Australia on Sunday 23 November. Click here to find out more!

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