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A Common Thread
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A Common Thread

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A Common Thread by emerging makers Sam Gold (SA) and Harriet McKay (ACT) is a contemporary and multidisciplinary collaboration encompassing textile painting, ceramic sculpture and installation.  The exhibition is fundamentally concerned with how connection to a material connects us as humans.  

For Gold, the exhibition is in some ways a lament on the repetitious acts during the creation process and the ways time and space inform the artist’s use of materials and technique. Gold explores this notion through clay and has created sculptural forms through repetitive mark-marking embedded within the clay. Gold’s body is a tool, the clay becomes a site to document time and experiential narratives.  

McKay’s approach is based on a more intuitive process of editing and evaluating the compositional balance of her textile works much as a painter does when constructing a painting. Through the process of play and the practice of repetitive trial and error, McKay’s works are arranged, ordered, and moulded the same way a painter pulls and pushes the paint around the space of a canvas.  

‘It’s been an incredible opportunity to be able to work with my good pal Harriet McKay for this upcoming show at Craft ACT.  We both work in different mediums, however the concepts underpinning our pursuit for making work crosses over many depths. It has been both inspiring and satisfying to find such a common thread that runs deep through our practices. Utilising our shared experience, the cathartic enjoyment of touch and by weaving tactile stories together across disciplines, we were able to share technical approaches to materials and philosophies which allowed our practices to deepen,’ said ceramic artist Sam Gold.