Design Canberra Festival A Utopian Democracy: Looking beyond 2020 – Design Canberra Festival

Parliament House. Photo: supplied
Parliament House. Photo: supplied
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A Utopian Democracy: Looking beyond 2020

What might a Utopian Democracy look like in 2020 and beyond? Satisfaction with democracy is waning world-wide in what has been described by some as a ‘democratic recession’. As researchers begin to focus on how we can rebuild trust and strengthen democratic practice in Australia, this event will facilitate conversations across the trust divide involving the Australian Public Service, academics and the public, to explore what a Utopian Democracy could like in the future.

IPAA is pleased to deliver this event in partnership with the DESIGN Canberra Festival and the Museum of Australian Democracy.


Associate Professor Carolyn Hendriks (Panellist)
Public Policy and Governance
Australian National University
Mark Kenny (Panellist)
Senior Fellow, Australian Studies Institute
Australian National University
Meegan Fitzharris (Panellist)
Former Minister for Health and Transport
ACT Legislative Assembly
Professor Mark Evans (Host)
Director of Democracy 2025, Museum of Australian Democracy
IPAA ACT Councillor