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ANU School of Art & Design 2019: Patrons' Day

The Emerging Artist Support Scheme (EASS) was conceived in 1988 by then Director of the School of Art Professor David Williams. It gives Patrons of the School of Art & Design the opportunity to support students both at the end of undergraduate programs, and during graduate studies.

EASS is ideal for corporate sector, institutional and individual patrons with a tangible means of assisting emerging artists. By supporting graduates, patrons assist in the development of Australia’s next generation of contemporary artists. Awards range from materials and magazine subscriptions, through to studio residencies, exhibition opportunities, and acquisitions of artwork for public, private and corporate collections.

Information for patrons
Why become an EASS Patron?
• Help establish the careers of emerging artists. Materials, studio space, cash, or the chance to exhibit work is hugely beneficial for artists at this pivotal stage in their career.
• Contribute to the local community. EASS awards gives artists an incentive to live and work in Canberra, keeping the city’s art spaces vibrant and energetic.
• Start an art collection! It’s an investment – who knows how much these works will be worth in thirty years.
• Create a national profile for our graduates. Nurturing artist practice now can help make national icons in the future.

How to become an EASS Patron:
1. Get in touch! Contact Waratah Lahy at
2. Come to the EASS Patrons Day. There is no obligation to promise an award, and contributions can change year to year.

How it works:

Acquisition Awards:

At the Patrons’ Preview, and with the advice and assistance of School of Art & Design staff and volunteers, the EASS Patrons have first choice to purchase work from the Graduating Students Exhibition for their own collections or to nominate them for various awards and prizes. These will be presented in the name of the Patron at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. For work purchased through the EASS scheme, Patrons pay a premium of 50% on top of the listed price, which funds undergraduate and graduate EASS Scholarships, ensuring that recipients receive assistance during their studies.

Non-Acquisitive Awards:

The EASS Non-Acquisitive Awards allows Patrons to donate funds and/or other awards such as residencies, exhibitions and prizes. There is no charge for the servicing of non-acquisitive awards. The nominated students receive the Patron’s named award, and the ANU School of Art & Design asks that appropriate recognition of the program (ANU School of Art EASS) is acknowledged on all publication and media material related to the award. The School undertakes to provide logos and by-lines for residency recipients and to acknowledge Patrons in its reports and publications.

Opportunities continue to exist for Patrons who wish to develop sponsorship to suit their particular requirements, eg. loan collection, acquisition, scholarships, prizes, awards, residencies, commissions and endowments.

On behalf of its students, the Australian National University School of Art & Design extends its appreciation for the continuing support of its Patrons.