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Wybalena Grove. Photo: 5 Foot Photography
Wybalena Grove. Photo: 5 Foot Photography
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Architecture Stroll: Wybalena Grove

Wybalena Grove is a group of over 100 townhouses sited in natural bushland in Cook, a rare Canberran example of work undertaken by Sydney architect Michael Dysart. 

The townhouses were designed by Dysart in 1974, with construction completed in 1977. They are an excellent example of late twentieth century Sydney regional style: split level with dark tiled roofs, clinker bricks, stained timber posts and beams situated on a sloping site in a natural bushland setting. 

The housing development was built by a private group of Canberra residents who pooled their resources to explore the idea of ‘living cooperatively’ in an urban space. They sought to encourage community interaction, an equal say in the management of their community, the sharing of common spaces, and a respect for the surrounding environment.   

Wybalena Grove is a valuable resource to help understand Canberra’s architectural and cultural history, and to inform the development of contemporary co-housing projects.  

This is a small group architecture stroll developed by DESIGN Canberra, in line with current COVID-safe restrictions. Numbers are limited and bookings are essential.