Image 1: Danielle Day, Shelf Fungi, 2017, cast brass, 3.25 h x 7.2 cm w x 6.7 cm d. Photo by Angela Bakker Image 2: Alexandra Frasersmith, Currents, held, 2017, cast glass, 6cm h x 8.5 w x 6cm d. Photo by Angela Bakker Image 3: Sarah Murphy, Still Life, 2017, stainless steel, dimensions variable. Photo by Angela Bakker

Bio Mimic
Opening event

Bio Mimic showcases works exploring the themes of biomimesis and vessels. Biomimesis is a design practice that explores construction methods and systems of biological life. Vessels are objects that can be anywhere between ephemeral, concept-driven interpretations to literal expressions as art or homeware. The featured artists include Alexandra Frasersmith, Angela Bakker, Danielle Day, Sarah Murphy and Tara Bromham. Their works, created using glass, metals, plastics, ceramics, textiles and found objects, respond to the challenge of variety in maker methods and work in dialogue with each other to articulate biological forms and constructions.

Gallery hours | Wednesday – Sunday: 12 – 5pm