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Photo: 5 Foot Photography
Photo: 5 Foot Photography
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Inhabit Place - How to Read Place Data

Understanding the human experience of the DESIGN Canberra hub

Obelia Tait and Aliza Levy will present findings from Inhabit Place to evaluate the DESIGN Canberra Civic Square programs.  Inhabit Place is an application that creates observational datasets that can help us to understand place based on human experiences.

This method of observational data collection helps to understand not only how many people use a space but why, what are the triggers and influences that impact why people visit a space and how they choose to use it.

Inhabit Place will present the findings of the place audit and discuss the role of place auditing as good design practice

Talk, followed by drinks in Civic Square.

Selected Civic Square festival programs have been made possible with support from the ACT Government under the City Renewal Authority’s City Grants program.