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Shadow Lines


Shadow Lines features three key aspects of work from Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre member and OAT Studio’s Sarah Annand. Her photography, painting, and textile design. Her photography is a way of capturing the individual elements that make up Canberra’s defining 70’s architectural masterpieces. Sarah’s lens captures the striking intersection of light and geometry that define these structures, and her composition highlights the foundational elements that they are composed of – bold polygons, muted tones, and earthy textures.

Building on her photography, Sarah captures the essence of these structures in her acrylic paint work, highlighting the defined lines that give brutalist and modernist architecture its unique style. Structure and shadow merge to create unique shapes and angles that give subtle but clear nods to her influences. Her palette reflects the kinds of materials often used in these styles of architecture, with concrete and wood translating to subdued tones, and her brushwork echoes the tactile qualities of these surfaces. Her photography and acrylic work culminates with textiles inspired by the lines, shapes and forms of these 70’s architectural masterpieces.

Sarah’s work in this exhibition will present the viewer with a deconstructed urban landscape. With these iconic structures broken down into their components, her work asks the viewer to observe the raw elements that comprise our world, and to extract and analyse the underpinning shapes, shadows, lighting and texture that define our urban and suburban human environments.

Shadow Lines
Wed 02 Nov 2022 —
Sun 20 Nov 2022
Past event
Shadow Lines

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