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Festival Art Installation

A large scale graphic intervention that represents the shift in learning, rediscovering culture, thinking and knowing through a First Nations lens.

Painted by Graphik Paint.

Leah’s artwork spans from painted canvases and murals to wooden artefacts and hand painted pots. Working primarily with acrylic paints, Leah also explores with natural pigments such as ochre, and uses a variety of techniques through her fine art style. Key themes in Leah’s work are of connecting with and protecting Country, healing, empowering her own cultural identity and rediscovering her Ancestral ways. Leah’s work reflects who she is, her relationship with herself and her identity through a First Nations lens. Leah’s signature ‘cracked earth’ style developed from time spent observing the landscape on her Country symbolises culture as interconnected with Country, and the space in between as rich and deep in history and story. Journey lines through Leah’s work acknowledge connection, relationships and pathways of learning, rediscovering and healing.

Wed 02 Nov 2022 —
Sun 20 Nov 2022
Past event

DESIGN Canberra acknowledges the Ngunnawal people as the traditional custodians of the ACT and surrounding areas. We honour and respect their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to this country and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region. We aim to respect cultural heritage, customs and beliefs of all Indigenous people.