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Francoise Muller
Francoise Muller
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Francoise Muller: Open Studio

Open Studio

As an illustrator by trade, Francoise Muller’s work combines drawings and pottery into simple yet elegant pots intended for everyday use. Francoise operates under the name of Les Pots du Loup, which means ‘the pots of the wolf’ in French.

The process from design to completion starts with drawings, sketches and notes. From here, Francoise turns her pots on the wheel, looking for simple shapes and designs. She then makes a plaster mould and casts the shape using a fine porcelain casting slip. Finally, she draws up her own designs for the decals, which often tell a story involving animals, nature and human emotions.

What to see: the studio, various pottery, sketch books and decals What to buy: vases, beakers, bowls, plates and spoons What to taste: tea and cakes