KiranDeep, Krishna. Photo: Supplied

Open Studio: KiranDesigns

KiranDesigns®: A studio where colour and vibrancy rule and silk is the preferred medium of expression. Art created at the studio include wall hangings and wearable silks. Designs are created on canvas (oils and acrylics) and paper (watercolours/gouache/colour pencils).  Kiran’s visual diary is the most precious thing in her studio holding all the past, present and future projects together. She is constantly inspired by her surroundings and travels.

Silk is dyed in the studio using ecologically friendly techniques to minimise water and dye wastage. Basically silk lengths are dyed till the dye is all absorbed by the fabric. With this method no dye gets into the drain and results in varying tones of colours. Once the silk is dried and stretched on the wooden frame the design is painted on it with a free hand, resulting in a unique artwork. There can be lot of fabric wastage during the creative process and this is where all the wastage  is created into sculptures and redesigned into scarves and wall hangings.

Many of these treasures, including wearable art, limited edition prints, paintings, silk wall hangings and silk sculptures will all be available to buy during the open studio.

A free silk workshop will also be held, 11:30am-1:30pm. Participants will take home one small square silk scarf.