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Made of holes: Opening event
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Made of holes: Opening event

Made of holes is a solo exhibition by Lucy Irvine, curated in response to Kengo Kuma’s NAMAKO installation.

This large scale woven sculpture pushes the materials and techniques that Lucy has been exploring for over a decade. As her works have become increasingly complex, the weaving has become a process of emergent form finding and knowledge making.

Architecture is ultimately about materials, it is a conversation between materials and human beings. The world is a large, enigmatic thing, but through materials, through their concrete presence, a dialogue is possible with human beings.
-Kengo Kuma

As a local dialogue with Kengo Kuma’s installation NAMAKO, Made of holes and its accompanying community collaboration Wayforming present a materials-based exploration of knowledge making. Lucy Irvine re-purposes utilitarian materials, transforming our aesthetic experience of those materials through sculptural weaving. Weaving becomes an adaptive system through which form and ideas emerge in the process of making, not to a predetermined design. The work asks: how do we approach things that are yet unknown? In designing for space and place, what can we learn from responsive, intuitive methods generated by the body as much as the mind?

The community are be invited to collaborate with the artist, Lucy Irvine, in the making of the Wayforming installation 10am-2.00pm on Sat 3, 10 and 17 November. Other times for specific groups could be arranged through Belconnen Arts Centre. The resulting work will be exhibited 18 Nov – 14 Dec.