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Enrico Taglietti, Dingle House (1965). Photo: Michael Wee
Enrico Taglietti, Dingle House (1965). Photo: Michael Wee
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Mid Century Modern Tour #2

Enrico Taglietti and the ‘Invisible City’

Back by popular demand, this year’s architecture tours will take their cue from the 2018 Design Canberra theme: geometry. The 2018 Design Canberra festival will celebrate the strong geometry present throughout our city and the ways it creates human, creative and global connections.

The tours will introduce people to architects who have used geometric forms in a variety of ways to shape spaces for people. How have the designers of these houses and buildings used geometric principles to create dwellings that comfort and inspire their occupants? From simple rectilinear forms and modular designs to complex examples using the Pythagorean spiral and hemicycle, we’ll visit some of Canberra’s most significant houses and buildings.

During this tour we will visit three examples of Enrico Taglietti’s sculptural architecture in a residential setting. They highlight some of the themes and elements present throughout his long and illustrious career— spreading roof overhangs with banded fascias, an emphasis on horizontality through the use of massing, and battered walls and unpainted surfaces for texture.

The tours will be presented by local architecture enthusiast and author of Canberra House, Martin Miles. The tours will also feature a variety of special guests, including internationally renowned architects and planners. Please meet at the Civic Square bus stop at 8:50am. (Buses will depart and return to this location each week.)

Please note that the bus, as well as some locations, will require stair access as well as moderate walking. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding accessibility.