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Open Studio: Julie Pennington

Julie Pennington’s career in the visual arts began in the field of textile design, before pursuing her interest in ceramics and completing a Diploma of Ceramics in 2010. Her hand built vessels and sculptural works are characterised by her distinctive and innovative approach to the enduring technique of coil building. Pennington predominately utilises the medium of porcelain to investigate the subtleties and complexities of pattern and texture. The textural qualities of the coils are not dissimilar to thread or yarn giving a sense of softness to the otherwise hard clay surface. Much of the inspiration behind her work stems from her observation and reflection of the natural environment. Early experiences in textiles and printmaking also underpins her work, and influences the way in which she interprets the world around her.

Visit Julie Pennington’s open studio to get a glimpse into her practice.

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Open Studio: Julie Pennington
Sat 21 Nov 2020
Past event
Open Studio: Julie Pennington

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