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Photo by Hilary Wardhaugh, 2020
Photo by Hilary Wardhaugh, 2020
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Open Studio: Tender Trade

Tender Trade: five artists open their studio, their stagedoor, their workshop, their garage for you to visit. The carburetor is a metaphor for the heart, pumping fuel and air in harmony. It’s a body (of work) – come touch. Would you hand us that tool? I don’t know exactly what this does, but it seems to be in the right place and I trust you. The festival appears in the right place each year to be what you need it to be. Strike the balance between gentle and rough – dirty hands and tender hearts.

Tom Campbell, Bryan Foong, Emma Rani Hodges, R.R., Jess Semler.

Tender Trade’s studio is open as part of ANCA Mitchell open studios.