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Still from Amazing spectacles sculpted from scrap, 2018, Rachel Reed
Still from Amazing spectacles sculpted from scrap, 2018, Rachel Reed
Past event

Real to Reel: The Craft Film Festival

DESIGN Canberra is presenting Real to Reel: The Craft Film Festival during the 2020 festival.

See the full Real to Reel program here.

Real to Reel is a short film festival that celebrates craft and making in all its facets: traditional, contemporary, subversive and diverse. Featuring an eclectic programme of shorts exploring our relationship with materials and making, the films have been selected from around the globe. Discover documentaries, maker profiles, music videos and hand-crafted animations that celebrate craft in all its facets.

Film offers makers unique possibilities of expression. It can capture transformations; material, time-based and otherwise, it can present singular and multiple narratives, it can enable the representation of the temporal and performative, and it can take a micro or macro view. In Real to Reel the films are grouped into three thematic sections—material narratives, performative making and animated craft—each immersing us in new environments and providing a different experience of craft.

Themes are at times playful or meditative, some highlight social impact projects. The 28 films selected feature contemporary weaving, woodwork, ceramics, glassblowing and metalsmithing, offering a unique opportunity to witness craft in action and the narratives, passion and skill inherent in the creation of works. The program also unites some unusual and perhaps unexpected tales of making—from miniatures, to replica birds’ eggs, to a human powered bakery—along with animations that bring to life fibre, wool, clay and found objects.

Real to Reel: The Craft Film Festival is produced by the Crafts Council UK and Crafts magazine. It’s tour to Australia is courtesy of Maker&Smith.

The Real to Reel Film Festival is presented over 2 sessions, 4:30 to 5:45pm and 6:15 to 7:30pm, films for each session are listed below. Each session Tickets for each session are sold separately.

Made in London: Chris Keenan / William Scothern/ 2017
My Father’s Tools / Heather Condo / 2017
Tales of a Universal Goddess / Diego Almazán de Pablo and Juli Bolaños- Durman / 2017
Edmond / Nina Gantz / 2015
Asoka Patience / Jan Vrhovnik / 2017
Voyage / Simon Ray / 2018
Alan Kitching, A Life in Letterpress / Alice Masters / 2016
Of Paper and Lead / Sandrine Corbeil / 2017
Metal Project / Big Hair Films / 2017
Toolbox / Lawrence Barraclough / 2017
When I was a child / Elena Molina / 2016
Awakening Awareness / Katharina Dettar / 2016
Obsessed: Compelled to make — Liz Williamson /Angus Lee Forbes / 2017
Land of the Fairies / Amiel Kestenbaum / 2017

The Forge / Carlos Carneiro / 2016
I rely on the clay being solid / Terese Mörnvik and Pernilla Norrman / 2018
Marble Machine / Wintergatan / 2016
18th-century mechanical theatre / Peter Kelleher / 2017
A Love Story / Anushka Naanayakkara / 2016
Bubblegum Cup Stool / Pascal Anson / 2017
The Workshop / Brendan Leahy / 2017
Keith Harrison, Joyride / Stephen Gammond / 2017
MUG / Nick Bennett / 2017
Shell Tools / Dan Hamworth-Salter / 2016
Made in London: Rachael South / William Scothern /2017
Inanition / Lauren Housego / 2016
Our Common Humanity / Diego Almazán de Pablo and Juli Bolaños-Durman / 2018
Rex Orange County /Chris Ullens / 2017