Richard Whiteley, Photo: Adam McGrath

Six Degrees of Separation

Celebrate the work and global impact of six leading Canberra designers in Six Degrees of Separation, a signature exhibition presented in DESIGN Canberra 2017.

At Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre and in the broader design sector, we are proud that so many renowned creative makers, designers and artists choose to live, work and make in Canberra and our region. Who are these artists, and what is their influence and journey? Most Canberra residents, businesses and even political leaders would not know these artists by name or practice. A large scale map installation will trace the journeys of each artist – exhibitions, education, residencies, collections, collaborations – to start to map the national and international ecosystem which is created by and supported by Canberra’s creative sector.

In a signature DESIGN Canberra exhibition at the Canberra Centre, explore the iconic design journeys of six leading Canberra makers:

  • Richard Whiteley (glass)
  • Tom Skeehan (furniture)
  • Alison Jackson (jewellery)
  • Janet DeBoos (ceramics)
  • Jennifer Robertson (textiles)
  • Jenni Kemarre Martiniello (glass)