Sophi Suttor. Photo: Five Foot Photography

Open Studio: Sophi Suttor

Sophi Suttor’s work examines how radiation pervades the natural.

Habitat is lost. It is replaced by the generic. Sophi is looking at specimens through the filter of the work of Marie Curie and the effect of radiation in all its forms.  Curie’s work on radiation touches us at every turn. Radiation produces fragments of the generic. It shows us how easily we lose the detail and cultural stamp of our personal landscape. This platter is a reference to the pond at the bottom of the garden and the sea.  Here we swam and fished and looked through the water with our open eyes.  It is a favourite piece of the artist rich in colour, texture and earthenware glaze

Sophi’s works are simple. Art works hum with images that soothe and transport us to the quiet of our dreams.

Sophi is of Aboriginal descent. Her work explores identity. She observes the effect of radiation on the everyday. There is image after image overlapping, soothing, and infiltrating the real over the unreal.