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Photo: 5 Foot Photography
Photo: 5 Foot Photography
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Suburbia floor talk

Join us to celebrate the exhibition’s Sweet Suburbia: 2020 Photography Competition exhibition and This is Suburbia exhibition by local photographer Davey Barber (5 Foot Photography). Barber and the Igers Canberra (Fran Tapia and Natalie Dorey) will give a floor talk about works on display and the Canberra suburbs of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Commissioned by Craft ACT for the 2020 DESIGN Canberra festival, this photo series documents the ridiculously photogenic city of Canberra. Most photographers use suburban streets to get to their destination: on this occasion the streets are the destination. Barber draws on his own 30 years of life experience in the suburbs.

The photographer’s intention is to document what unique characteristics make the suburbs instantly recognisable to residents and to people just passing through, from the type of dwellings, shops, laneways, parks and the residents themselves. To emphasise Canberra’s ‘Bush Capital’ title, the photographs also document the four very distinct seasons of our city.