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Photo: Martin Ollman
Photo: Martin Ollman
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The Visible City: Week Two

Renewal for Inclusion

The Visible City series brings together international, inspirational and sometimes radical perspectives with contemporary case studies in urban renewal. How can these new perspectives and recent case studies inform Canberra’s ambitious CBD renewal as it transitions form and function?

How can we make visible the many important processes and functions embodied within our city which are not as physically obvious but still equally transformative – governance, advocacy, inclusion, innovation?

Don’t miss this important public conversation featuring:

  • Greg Grabasch, UDLA Freemantle, landscape architect with a focus on community development initiatives within public and Aboriginal organisational realms.
  • Fiona Smith du Toit, Urban Design manager and senior architect experienced in complex transport and infrastructure projects.
  • Edwina Robinson, sustainability advocate and executive officer of SEE Change, a community response to concerns about the strains we place on the planet.
Each forum will be hosted by Alex Sloan – an award winning journalist, broadcaster and advocate for design excellence with an abiding interest in planning and architecture in the Canberra context.


The Visible City series is presented as part of the 2018 DESIGN Canberra festival. This forum is supported by the ACT Government through the City Renewal Authority’s City Grants Program.