The wave machine, by Marilou Chagnaud

The Wave Machine

Marilou Chagnaud’s installation, The wave machine, makes dynamic use of black and white lines to reflect the constant movement experienced in the natural environment. A rhythmic and energetic pattern stretches from mid-ceiling to the floor and invites us to reassess our sensation of perspective, geometry and place.

French born, Marilou Chagnaud makes objects, prints and installations. Through the deployment of minimalist pattern, her work explores a transition from two to three dimensional space, as well as the notions of perception, repetition and movement. Chagnaud is interested in the language of material and the representation of the invisible. While working with textiles, the artist discovered the potential of Japanese paper and opportunities for its application in architecture and the fabrication of objects. Her practice is now centered on working with this material and the descriptive possibilities it opens.