Design Canberra Festival Visible City: Contemporary Canberra: utopia or dystopia? – Design Canberra Festival

Shine dome. Photo: Martin Ollman
Shine dome. Photo: Martin Ollman
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Visible City: Week one

Visible City: Contemporary Canberra: utopia or dystopia?

Today’s public spaces have broadened beyond their early promotion of civic engagement and healthy spirits. Our public spaces are a reflection of the society that creates them. Decisions made about the future of our city reflect the values of a community at that moment in time, made manifest in the symbolic form of its buildings and landscapes. How can contemporary urban renewal make visible Canberra’s distinctive design identity, transformative processes and the hopes and dreams of our community?

‘The Visible City’ is an urban renewal series of public conversations presented as part of the DESIGN Canberra festival. The series brings together international, inspirational and sometimes radical perspectives with contemporary case studies in urban renewal to inform Canberra’s ambitious CBD renewal as it transitions form and function. This event asks: How do we make visible the Griffins’ vision of a bold, radical and big vision for a young nation and an ideal utopian city of democracy in contemporary Canberra? This is a valuable opportunity to engage deeply with the idea of utopia in Canberra’s past, present and future.

The speakers for this forum will be:

Robyn Archer AO | Singer, Performer, Writer, Artistic Director and public advocate of the Arts.

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Ken Maher AO | Architect, landscape architect and Professor of Practice in the Built Environment Faculty at the University of New South Wales.

Chris Endrey | Artist, Musician and Comedian.

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They will each give a 15-20 minute presentations on the topic, then engage in a public conversation.

Selected Civic Square festival programs have been made possible with support from the ACT Government under the City Renewal Authority’s City Grants program.