LUMINALION | 18 Oct – 20 Nov

Tuesday, 18 October 2023 @ 6:00 pm | Cox Gallery, 1/19 Eastlake Pde, Kingston

The Kingston Foreshore has long been part of a continuum, a conduit for forces which have activated Canberra as a city, from power to water, bricks to burgers, tourism to trains, movement has defined, connected and activated it. The Cox Gallery exists within the office of Cox Architecture, extending our presence as part of the broader creative connection.

Geoff Farquhar-Still’s Lumination is a fluid mirror, a colourful semi-reflective surface intended to abstract the viewer, to reduce them to a single line of code on a flexible multi-dimensional surface. Involuntarily becoming a part of their surroundings, the viewer bends and flows as they navigate and engage with the work’s surface, shifting colour and form as embedded LED’s highlight their presence.

Lumination seeks to describe these points in space-time, encapsulating, framing and activating the environment it inhabits. In this way it reflects on the present position as a lens to both the past and future.

Geoff Farquhar-Still is an artist and designer exploring public art, cultural collection engagement and artisan furniture manufacture. Lumination is presented in association with Contour 556 and Design Canberra.

FREE exhibition

Opening Event 6pm 18th October

Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

LUMINALION | 18 Oct - 20 Nov