Song Street Project by Karina Harris and Neil Hobbs

Saturday, 21 November 2023 @ | Deakin

Additional dates

  • Saturday, 21 November 2023
  • Sunday, 22 November 2023
  • Monday, 23 November 2023
  • Tuesday, 24 November 2023
  • Wednesday, 25 November 2023
  • Thursday, 26 November 2023
  • Friday, 27 November 2023
  • Saturday, 28 November 2023

Cost: Free

Dates: Saturday 21 November to Sunday 28 November

Time: Daylight hours

Venue: Robe Street

Address: Verge crossings to 16 Robe Street, Deakin

Bookings: None, drop-ins welcome

Website: hhl.com.au


Song Street Project is an ongoing and evolving project by landscape architects Karina Harris and Neil Hobbs. The first work emerging from this project was executed in 2007 in Robe Street, Deakin. It seeks to populate carparks, bitumen access roads and footpaths with fragments of popular songs through the use of thermo-plastic paint line marking and letter stencils. The works are located on the bitumen drive crossings to Robe Street. Please note: there will be no public access to the house at 16 Robe Street.

Song Street Project by Karina Harris and Neil Hobbs
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