Chelsea Lemon, Serrated table. Concept and creative direction: Stephanie @the_nameless_blog and Jessica Di Scipio @jessdiscipio. Photo: Jenny Wu @jennywuphotography. Model: Alex Rubio @xel_rex_

2018 Designer-in-Residence

For the past 2 years, DESIGN Canberra has invited a local designer to create the look and feel for the festival. This approach delivers a fresh new look for the festival each year, is well received by media and other stakeholders, and expresses the festival’s belief in the design process and commitment to support and promote local designers.

2018 Designer in residence Chelsea Lemon is a Canberra based designer and maker who works with timber. Many of her pieces include foliage and plant themes, mixed with interactivity and the decorative woodworking technique ‘parquetry’. Chelsea’s work explores new ways of incorporating shapes into design, by creating dynamic geometric arrangements and forms that are influenced by nature.

Chelsea explains her design:

‘As the 2018 theme for the Design Canberra Festival explores ‘geometry’, I created a design that refers to the geometric buildings and visual forms which create our city. The design makes reference to the Shine Dome, Australian War Memorial, Melbourne Building, National Carillon, Arboretum, Parliament House, and Enrico Taglietti’s architecture within the Pakistan High Commission. Although these buildings present the diverse architectural designs within the Canberra region, they also reflect the places where human connections are formed. These iconic buildings within the Nation’s capital create a place for the diverse culture within Canberra to thrive.’

‘The design I have constructed is formed with layered blackcore and added colour to define various buildings throughout Canberra. I developed this style whilst exploring a woodworking technique known as ‘parquetry’ during my Honours year at the Australian National University’s Furniture Studio. Although this project steps away from the timber designs I am well known for, I chose to work with layered material for this project as the finished piece can be deconstructed into small components and reconstructed to depict a representation of Canberra; a reflection to the diverse visual growth and development of our Nation’s capital.’

The 2018 designer-in-residence was selected for the quality of her work, the rigour of her practice, and the symmetry of her work to the 2018 festival theme of geometry.