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Jodie Cunningham, We Dance Together, 2017. Photo: 5 Foot Photography
Jodie Cunningham, We Dance Together, 2017. Photo: 5 Foot Photography


DESIGN Canberra is delighted to announce the winning design for GRAPHIC Intervention Competition 2019, RE / CONSTRUCT by Megan Hinton.

RE / CONSTRUCT is a playful assemblage of forms inspired by architecture, balancing and tessellating together to form a complex and beautiful composition. Observe the playful tension of balance between the positive and negative forms, speaking to the balance associated with creating a Utopian environment. RE / CONSTRUCT’s apparently simple forms have been carefully deconstructed from Canberra’s built environment and woven back together into a new reticulated whole.

Megan Hinton is a Canberra based artist and designer working with printmaking, textile design and collaborative projects. Her works explore the interaction of colour and form, with her work strongly influenced by geometric abstraction, constructivism and Bauhaus textiles. Megan has worked on a range of commissioned projects across graphic design, illustration and textile design. Most recently, her was exhibited at the Embassy of Australia, Washington DC. Megan’s work is held in several public and private collections including Canberra Museum & Gallery.

The painted installation will be on view during DESIGN Canberra Festival 4-24 November at the festival’s hub in Civic Square.