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Peita Blythe. Photo: Supplied
Peita Blythe. Photo: Supplied

Peita Blythe

Peita Blythe is a Sydney-based Map Illustrator and Designer specialising in creative mapping solutions. She studied visual communication design at the University of Technology, Sydney and it was here that Peita’s passion for mapping as a unique visual communication and storytelling device began.

Peita is a passionate and enthusiastic person who is driven to create works that both inform and inspire. She is interested in creating maps to capture the character and personality of places and celebrate their unique stories.

Peita has created a diverse range of maps for hotels, international tourism organisations, established publications and has also worked with government agencies. Some of her clients include Google, City of Sydney, HBO, The Betoota Advocate, Visit Faroe Islands and the Shangri-La Hotel in London.