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MEDUSA, Valencia, Spain. Photo: Plastique Fantastique
MEDUSA, Valencia, Spain. Photo: Plastique Fantastique

Plastique Fantastique MEDUSA

During DESIGN Canberra, Plastique Fantastique will be presenting for the first time in Australia its acclaimed installation, MEDUSA.

In Commonwealth Place, MEDUSA will revitalise the waterfront inviting the citizens into the creative process with programs organised by Design Canberra Festival.

MEDUSA is 250 cubic meter space deflating to a 50kg package. Installation and deinstallation are rapid and require minimal labor. The structure is packed in a box for shipping to other locations to be re-installed. Anchoring is only by sandbags; sand is later donated to schools. The site is returned to its original condition and the installation continues its cycle.

Architecture, once static and rooted to a place is now a traveling laboratory that can test its effectiveness almost anywhere. With new locations come new interfaces with the environmental, social and even political contexts. MEDUSA is an incubator for gatherings, events, actions and anything else the local community brings to the installation.

MEDUSA embodies the notion of appropriate and respectful use of material. A re-usable and ultimately recyclable structure, Medusa is made of transparent TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). TPU can be recycled.

MEDUSA is travelling from London, Valencia, Berlin and now to Canberra. Her compact shipping profile means minimal transportation emissions. She will continue the journey and at a certain point in her life, she will be upcycled to become reusable rain jackets, revitalising her memories from different cities in the world.

DESIGN Canberra will be presenting two installations by Plastique Fantastique: Twin Minigagarin and MEDUSA.

For more information about Plastique Fantastic follow the link.