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Photo: 5 Foot Photography
Photo: 5 Foot Photography

Two Minutes to Midnight: This is Suburbia

2020 represents a time of rapid change in our city and nation’s history. In this time of uncertainty, is good design an unaffordable luxury or the best possible use of public money? If our public spaces reflect the society that creates them, how will the decisions we make today about our suburban environments express our concerns and hopes for our community, our city, and our world? Could the response to the coronavirus, and the lessons being learned, point to more caring solutions in the future which will design and build a good life, a fair society and a healthy planet?

Our panel of thought leaders explore and identify future solutions:

Provocateur: Shelley Penn, architect and urbanist

Speakers: Andrew Leigh, politician, author and economist Catherine Simpson, Green The Street founder, urban designer and placemaker.