Meet ACTivate artist Christine Atkins

Saturday, 15 November 2023

Image: courtesy of the artist

Meet ACTivate artist Christine Atkins

Name: Christine Atkins

Event: Refraction, ACTivate

Opening hours + location: 10am – 5pm, Lonsdale St Traders, Braddon

What do you have planned for DESIGN Canberra?

In my ACTivate space I will be displaying a few of my works from my ‘Refraction’ series. This series looks at how light refracts through water and glass in a similar way. These artworks use LED light shone through hot sculpted glass pieces to capture refracted light images on glass screens. The effects produced are reminiscent of micro-organisms, shells and X-ray images. The work displays its mechanism in a simple and elegant way to demonstrate this intriguing phenomenon, while providing calming mood lighting.

In addition to my Refraction works, I will use artworks by fellow Canberra artists as well as works from my other series, to create an immersive room of artworks that explores nature as inspiration. Together, the works will transform the simple room into a platform of local art and design.

As well as my ACTivate space I also have a work in “Creative Licence” at Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre. It is titled “Natural State” and speaks of how Canberra, though a designed city, has 33 nature parks in its construct that lend a rural and calming influence to our nations capital.

How do you hope DESIGN Canberra audiences will respond to your project?

I hope my works will create an interest in the properties of glass and inspire people to reconsider their perspective of the natural environment.

What does good design mean to you?

Personally, I love design that works effectively in a simple and ergonomic way with minimal decoration. To quote Constantin Brancusi, “Simplicity is complexity resolved”. I like to see clean, efficient lines and a final result that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional.

How can you see Canberra developing as a hub for innovative design?

There are a good number of great designers in Canberra, and events like this that showcase them will really help in demonstrating what such talented makers we have to the broader Australian market. Canberra also has some fantastic institutes that are producing and cultivating these designers which, given time, can only be noticed by the rest of Australia and appreciated.

Whats your favourite thing to do in Canberra?

Nature is the inspiration and driving force behind my work, so a walk in one of Canberra’s nature parks not only is a source for inspiration but also helps put things back into perspective and reinvigorates me.

What DESIGN Canberra events are you looking forward to attending?

Modern Market looks to be fantastic with a wide range of wonderful designers showcasing their wares – not to be missed!

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