MODERN Market’s Post Modern cocktail has just become even more delicious

Monday, 17 November 2023

Image: The Post Modern cocktail, only available at MODERN market. Photo courtesy of NewActon

MODERN Market’s Post Modern cocktail has just become even more delicious

This year Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre is teaming up with Hotel Hotel’s Monster Kitchen and Bar to present the Post Modern cocktail, a delicious refreshment specially designed to accompany the high end design market, MODERN Market. Originally listed in the program as served in a chilled Capi bottle, the cocktail will now be served in stylish martini glass with a twist of mint, lemon and soda on the side.

Created by cocktail architect and Monster Kitchen and Bar Manager Chester Mok, the Post Modern takes inspiration from postmodernist concepts such as deconstruction and layering, resulting in a unique and beautifully presented cocktail that can be tailored according to taste:

“It is layered with liquorice gel and raspberry puree. To this you add a vodka and soda mix, plus by adding lemon and mint to suit your tastes, the guest can decide how their cocktail will end up.”

Adding to the atmosphere of MODERN Market is the beautifully designed venue- Mok says:

“Everything has been thought about, all of the furniture is unique and a number of handcrafted pieces unique for Monster. I especially love the coins that are underneath all of our custom made furniture. There is one coin showing the designer, and another for the Australian manufacturer.”

Held in the award-winning Nishi Building from 2pm – 8pm on Saturday 22 November, MODERN Market offers visitors the opportunity to acquire and take home beautiful, high-end pieces of craft and design from prominent local and interstate practitioners, just in time for Christmas.

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