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Glass Utopia at the Italian Ambassador's Residence. Photo: Anthony Basheer.
Glass Utopia at the Italian Ambassador's Residence. Photo: Anthony Basheer.

Glass half-full in exciting new collaboration

Glass Utopia is one of this year’s major new initiatives for the Festival and DESIGN Canberra is thrilled to have teamed up with Ausglass (the Australian Association of Glass Artists) as one of the principal sponsors for the exhibition. Ausglass is a national body that encourages diversity, dialogue and excellence in Australian contemporary glass. It has a membership that includes artists, designers, collectors, galleries, related industries and people with a keen interest in the world of contemporary glass art.

For Ausglass the Glass Utopia Exhibition is an excellent opportunity to showcase some of Australia’s best contemporary artists in an international context; on this occasion paired with some of Italy’s top glass designers. It’s exciting to know that the exhibition will travel to Tasmania early next year, and to contemplate the prospect that it might also reach The Milan Design Week and The Venice Glass Week festivals.

For over forty years Ausglass has been at the heart of the contemporary art scene in Australia; not least through the vibrant glass community in the Capital Region and regular partnerships with the ANU School of Art and Design and Canberra Glassworks.

Each year Ausglass organises a programme of national glass awards, prizes and project grants and every other year a national conference. Ausglass conferences are something that Australian ‘glassies’ really look forward to. They’re opportunities to meet some of the best international artists and to share inspiration and ideas with peers. The 2017 Ausglass Conference was in Canberra and the next will be in Melbourne in February 2021; planning is already underway.