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TWIN MINIGAGARIN, Plastique Fantastique, Canberra Airport. Photo: 5 Foot Photography
TWIN MINIGAGARIN, Plastique Fantastique, Canberra Airport. Photo: 5 Foot Photography

Instameet at the Canberra Airport

DESIGN Canberra invited the Instagramers Canberra community to experience and interact with Plastique Fantastique’s temporary architectural installation at the Canberra Airport.

Instagramers Canberra are the Canberra group for fans and users of Instagram. The organizers, Natalie and Fran welcome everyone to join the group on photo walks and meets which are held seasonally.

This time Igers Canberra followers gathered at the Plastique Fantastique TWIN MINIGAGARIN inflatable structure for a sunset photography session. Everyone arrived at 7pm for a 7:39pm sunset and investigated the nature of the pneumatic structure in the changing evening light. The futuristic look of Twin Minigagarin invited people to enter, have fun and be active in public space. Its tactile and aesthetic qualities provoked immediate and sensual reactions, and lots of great pics.

Plastique Fantastique’s TWIN MINIGAGARIN landed at the Canberra Airport departures foyer on the 5th of November, where travelers from all over the world could rest inside these space-age capsules during their journey. Canberra Airport, known for its love and appreciation of the arts, was an excellent public space to host this installation: an iterative design approach that embraces chance, accidents and a multitude of participants. The structure is reusable and modular, allowing the individual pods to be reconfigured and enabling a meaningful connection to the site. In this case Plastique Fantastique reconfigured its installation to respond to the departures foyer and after their layover at Canberra Airport the twins will continue their journey, activating sites in cities all over the world.