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New Years Eve in the City 2015
New Years Eve in the City 2015

A dynamic civic and cultural precinct in Canberra’s heart

City Renewal Authority is working to transform the precinct around City Hill. As a place of civic and cultural importance at the epicentre of Canberra and at an apex of the National Triangle, this transformation befits an iconic location and takes civic participation and the cultural economy as its centrepieces. The unabashed ambition is to create the cosmopolitan heart of our nation’s capital through the design and development a dynamic and integrated Arts, Civic and Cultural Precinct.

In recent decades the emergence of cultural precincts in cities seeking to boost their competitiveness has become a global phenomenon.* Distinctive urban places that support a rich cultural and civic life – by combining the interactions of artists and communities, contemporary facilities, and beautiful and functional public spaces and architecture – have been demonstrated to realise strategic value in defining city character and identity, acting in turn as a catalyst for urban revitalisation; attracting inward investment, knowledge workers and tourists; and building community.

In formulating a strategy to shape a new civic and cultural place, one that it is uniquely Canberran with a clearly defined identity, the Authority knows that achieving success requires more than buildings and spaces.  Around the world, new trends have emerged in cultural production, presentation and engagement, leading to dynamic and dramatic changes in the way we access and experience all forms of creativity.

Digital technology is a major force for change in the creative industries, as is the rebirth of the craft and maker movements. The distinction between traditional artistic boundaries is becoming blurred. There is less distinction between visual and performing arts, formal and popular culture, and the subsidised and commercial sectors. Cross-disciplinary work incorporates and depends upon new creative and participation technologies and people now have access to many immersive and diverse cultural forms. The public realm has become critical as a platform for artistic and community expression.

Read the full article on the City Renewal’s website.

DESIGN Canberra is once again excited to partner with the City Renewal Authority for the 2020 festival.