BMW X DESIGN Canberra car wrap competition winner announced – Design Canberra Festival

BMW X DESIGN Canberra car wrap competition winner announced

Nestled between the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery of Australia the winner of the DESIGN Canberra x BMW car wrap competition was announced!
Proudly supported by Canberra BMW, University of Canberra and ROJO Customs.

Local designers from the University of Canberra responded to this years theme ‘Transformation’.

Once the winner was decided the details were sent off to ROJO signage and meticulously wrapped around a BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe.

We are pleased to announce the winner of this years University of Canberra Student DESIGN Canberra x BMW Car wrap competition is Maria Grainger!

Marias work ‘Into the light’ beautifully encapsulates the theme ‘Transformation’

Maria says “The current environment presents a unique opportunity for designers to inspire transformative social and environmental change through our work. In this design the Golden Sun Moth provides a Canberra-specific twist on the traditional symbol of transformation, the butterfly. The moth is seen emerging from a number of disparate parts which combine to make a whole, moving from a dark space towards the more welcoming light.
The design presents an optimistic future state in which our locked-down society of separated individuals transforms into a post-pandemic cohesive community. The Golden Sun Moth was chosen because it is both native to the Canberra region and currently undergoing its own transformation and rejuvenation —from an endangered species to hopefully thriving in the future through improved habitat management and rehabilitation.
The figure was created from a photograph of the moth, whose form was then abstracted into numerous geometric shapes, chosen specifically to reflect and complement the sleek lines and high-tech approach of the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Sedan. While each of the panels has its own individual element, they combine to form one seamless image, taking advantage of the vehicle’s frameless doors. Like the Gran Coupe Sedan, the design is bold, powerful and dynamic.”

Photography: @_5foot

BMW X DESIGN Canberra car wrap competition winner announced

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