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Bubbles in the Consortium: the current situation

Bubbles in the Consortium: the current situation

Over the years, Prosecco has grown, covering a total of 24,450 hectares of vineyards between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, and is now experiencing a season of successes which affect the flow of tourists who set off to discover the territory which originates it once they have fallen in love with the product.

A generous territory in terms of cultural and gastronomic offer, but also of great beauty, where the vineyards alternate with woods, meadows, villages and charming cities. A strong denomination also on the markets, where the three main ones – which absorb about two thirds of the export quota – are UK, USA and Germany (France at fourth place). In addition to the three main markets, the efforts made in other non-European countries, which are bringing excellent results, are particularly relevant, especially Canada, Japan, Russia, Norway, China, Australia and, recently, also South East Asia. Speaking of numbers, there are 486 million Prosecco DOC bottles produced in 2019, 77.8% of which are sold abroad.

Towards Prosecco productions, various discussions were held on the environmental impact they cause, but the efforts that the Consortium makes every day for environmental, economic and social sustainability are many: since September 2018 a collaboration has been activated with various professional figures aimed at supporting the activities of winemakers for the best vineyard management practices, in order not only to obtain a good yield, but also to obtain the best organoleptic characteristics for fine sparkling wines. From the point of view of sustainability, the Consortium also promotes: Organic Production (new plants are favored, 230 ha out of 1,200 with an increase in 2018); the Equalitas standards to achieve the territorial certification of the denomination, the integrated production (new plants are favored, 150 ha out of 1,200 of 2018 increase); the constitution of hedges and thickets, in order to increase the beauty and biodiversity of the denomination.

For the future, the Consortium does not intend to slow down, but to pursue its goals to increase and consolidate the quality of Prosecco DOC and sustainability (environmental, social, economic), in addition to protecting the Prosecco name in the world against fakes and imitations and to promote it in new markets of interest, riding the wave of success that Italian bubbles are enjoying in recent years.

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