Enrico Taglietti International Architecture Symposium. L-R: Dave Pigram, Annalisa Rosso, Rachael Coghlan,Genevieve Jacobs, Enrico Taglietti, Gina Levenspiel, Karen McCartney, Gianmatteo Romegialli, Professor Philip Goad. Photo: Five Foot Photography

Enrico Taglietti International Architecture Symposium

The Enrico Taglietti International Architecture Symposium was an opportunity to consolidate research and knowledge to assess the significance of Taglietti’s work and better understand its value for the future. Speakers at the symposium included some of the world’s most celebrated design professionals including Milanese design journalist and independent curator, Annalisa Rosso; esteemed architecture and design editor, curator and author, Karen McCartney; renowned architect and colleague of Taglietti, Gianmatteo Romegialli; international authority on modern Australian architecture, Philip Goad; architectural historian and durability research architect, Gina Levenspiel and Zurich-based innovative designer, researcher and educator Dave Pigram. The symposium also welcomed the perspectives of some of the many people who have been touched by Taglietti’s designs – school children, designer-makers, home owners and more.