Good Natured Brews – Design Canberra Festival

Good Natured Brews

Good Natured Brews

Canberra’s own Capital Brewing Company has been a proud sponsor of the Design Canberra festival ever since they started brewing operations at Dairy Rd in 2017.

There’s probably not many companies so clearly aligned with this year’s theme of Care than the team at Capital. They live and breathe by the mantra of creating ‘Good Natured Brews’ which embodies the principles of caring for the environment, and for the community.

Capital has implemented numerous environmental practices at the brewery. They have partnered with Landtasia Organic Farms to divert 450 tonnes of brewing by-product such as spent grain, hops and yeast every year into producing organic beef and compost. In 2019 they installed a 65 tonne grain silo to reduce freight movements, and eliminate 300 plastic bags from landfill every week. The brewery has been designed with numerous energy saving initiatives such as heat exchangers and variable speed drives on cooling equipment. And not content with sending 30,000 plastic cups to landfill annually, Capital’s events team worked with fellow Fyshwick company Goterra to pioneer a bio-plastic solution for the Canberra region, and now use bio-cups at events which become feed for meal worms.

Capital’s Fyshwick site is home to not just the production brewery, but also their award-winning tap-room, where you can sample beers fresh off the line while watching the next batch being made. In keeping with it’s aim to be a zero-waste venue, wine is served from the keg to eliminate packaging, and the team fastidiously recycle all other materials.

In-line with the principle of caring for their community, Capital started the Good Natured Community Initiative. Since it’s commencement in 2018, the initiative has invested more than $150,000 to support the good work of more than 250 community groups in the Canberra region.

DESIGN Canberra acknowledges the Ngunnawal people as the traditional custodians of the ACT and surrounding areas. We honour and respect their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to this country and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region. We aim to respect cultural heritage, customs and beliefs of all Indigenous people.