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Home by holly passion for local design and real estate

Home by holly passion for local design and real estate

This year Home.By Holly will be once again joining us as we guide you through a handpicked selection of local homes with a unique design legacy. DESIGN Canberra is so lucky to have Holly Komorowski and her team on board with the Living Rooms program, as they share their passion for local design and real estate with us in some of Canberra’s finest houses.

The Living Rooms program is designed to share the incredible atmosphere that is created by local architects and makers. Allowing members of the community to gain special access to some of the most acclaimed pieces of residential architecture in the region, Holly will be there each week to welcome visitors as they arrive. In the spirit of utopia, the Living Rooms program fosters a sense of collaboration between local designers and makers, reminding us that community is one of the most valuable side-effects of local design. “Creating an emotional attachment through the personal story” of homes across Canberra, holly’s contribution to Living Rooms demonstrates the power of design and community in creating a utopian city.

Living Rooms is proudly supported by holly and Rolfe Classic BMW. Where possible, the architect will be available to speak with visitors.

Holly couldn’t wait for this year’s Living Rooms program so she created a video interview with one of the participating architects, Tony Trobe. Watch now.

Living Rooms Week One

Living Rooms Week Two

Living Rooms Week Three