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Living a Digital Life in 2030s Canberra

As part of DESIGN Canberra festival, Noetic will hold a design workshop exploring smart city technology and how it can connect, enhance and change Canberra in the 2030s.

As a smaller demographic player, Canberra, with a population of only 390,000, has the opportunity to be an early adopter of smart city technologies with the flexibility to deal with infrastructure upheaval and the ability to work quickly to implement connectivity for greater return on investment.

The exciting progression from a smart, sensory, data-gathering city is towards a city that responds to the needs of its citizens and visitors by interweaving the importance of the environment with the benefits of technology. Noetic envisions Canberra as a city inhabited by happy citizens, a city that is enabled by technology to be sustainable, safe and able to respond to business, social and environmental needs.

The potential benefits of emerging and disruptive technologies – such as 3D printing, advanced robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), genomics and energy storage – will affect our personal lives and the way we do business, and are therefore hugely significant. These technologies can be very exciting, but it is easy to get carried away with the technology itself and not harness how the technology, or similar ones, can be used for greatest benefit for the future Canberra. With a growing population and increasing demand on infrastructure and services, it is a perfect time to start designing tomorrow’s Canberra, focusing on the needs of the future citizen and visitor.

How do we enable Canberra to use the new sensory, autonomous, robotic and digital infrastructures to sustain business, tourism and our environment, as well as meeting increased commuter and housing demand? What challenges and opportunities do we face? How could we start to build a people-centric responsive Canberra today?

Noetic will take guests on a journey to finding some insights into these and other questions during their Design Canberra Festival breakfast workshop Living a Digital Life in 2030s Canberra at the Vibe Hotel on Wednesday 22 November. Places are limited, but we’d love to see you there, so please book here.