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Folding Indigo by Keiko Amenomori-Schmeisser. Photo: Five Foot Photography
Folding Indigo by Keiko Amenomori-Schmeisser. Photo: Five Foot Photography

Reimagining history at Craft ACT

CRAFT ACT is proud to present two gorgeous new exhibitions in sync with the geometric theme of the upcoming DESIGN Canberra Festival: Folding Indigo, and The Void: Re-imagining Enrico Taglietti.

Folding Indigo is Keiko Amenomori-Schmeisser at the peak of her powers as a textile artist. One of the world’s leading Shibori practitioners, she references traditional Japanese practices such as origami and the decorative cloth wrapping of objects while maintaining a contemporary feel to the work. Folding Indigo brings a modern, three-dimensional perspective to the ancient crafts of Japanese shibori (a sophisticated tie-dye resist process) and indigo dyeing. Creating indigo is a careful process from plant cultivation to tending dye vats with warmth and care to controlled oxidization which awakens the deep blue hue. Amenomori-Schmeisser has travelled between her Canberra studio and the ancient indigo dye workshops of Japan to make this work. The folds in the fabric honour the folds of time and tradition which both unfold and refold on a journey from ancient tradition to contemporary expression. The panels in this exhibition hang through space, free to breathe as indigo does. As the viewer moves through the layers of fabric, they become part of the folding and unfolding journey of indigo, a reflection on the passing of time and the presence of nature.

Dr Enrico Taglietti’s modernist architecture is distinctive and has helped to shape Canberra and its communities. Taglietti, trained in Italy and long residing in Canberra, is recognised as an important architect and a leading practitioner of the late twentieth century organic style of architecture. His unique sculptural style draws upon Italian free-form construction and post-war Japanese architecture. He has designed many houses, schools, churches and commercial buildings in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne and his projects have won numerous awards. The void references Taglietti’s joyful 1955 statement that Canberra was the ‘perfect void’, a city unfettered by history and tradition, an ideal place to push boundaries and start anew. Craft ACT has invited a selection of contemporary craft and design practitioners to respond to, or re-imagine, Dr Taglietti’s work to celebrate his legacy and contribute a new perspective to his aesthetics. Participating artists have been selected for their outstanding practice, association with Taglietti, and alignment of design values. Enrico Taglietti, and his daughter Tanja, will also be participating in the exhibition.

“These two exhibitions are an important combination of experience and the experiential,” said Rachael Coghlan, CEO + Artistic Director of Craft ACT. “They honour the work of two highly respected practitioners and open pathways for contemporary response. Both approaches are at the core of Craft ACT’s interactions with the arts, craft and design communities, and these exhibitions are at the heart of our DESIGN Canberra program.”